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Specialize in
roasting coffee

Queen’s Coffee is a roastery under the BreadTalk group and the appointed coffee roaster for ToastBox and Food Republic. We are a team of experienced roasters who have shaped Singapore’s coffee heritage. For years, we have been engaged in the research and development of traditional coffee techniques to produce Singapore coffee that is of excellent quality, consistent and preserves its unique taste. From our purpose built facility, we train the next generation of baristas, roasters and traditional coffee masters

Queen’s Coffee specialises in roasting both traditional and non-traditional coffee while providing total beverage solutions for our customers. Our quest to perfect the science and art of creating coffee have led us to combine speciality coffee concepts with traditional coffee practises. We use this knowledge to create innovative products that automate and simplify processes so brewing the perfect cup of coffee is convenient and easy..

Our coffee is halal certified.

Our Cherry-to-Cup Programme

As a pioneer in the industry, we are the only local coffee roaster to have our own in-house coffee process chain for better quality control. Dubbed the Cherry-to-Cup programme, each step in the process is measured to produce a cup of coffee that is consistent in its flavour and brew every time.

We start by sourcing the ideal coffee bean for growing at our plantation in Indonesia. After harvesting, the beans are prepared and shipped for roasting at our state of the art facility in Singapore. Once roasted, we deliver the beans to our automated K.pi vending machines that extract the flavours to brew the Kopi Singaporeans know and love.
Our in-house coffee process also allow us to implement CSR programmes that support fair trade and sustainable coffee practises to do our part in bettering the industry.

Our Cherry-to-Cup Programme
Our Research and Development

Our Research and Development

Our research is dedicated to documenting, perfecting and modernising the traditional roasting process. We embrace scientific methods to analyse how hand roasting and coffee extraction was done in the past, to recreate the same techniques used by traditional coffee masters with modern technology.

Not satisfied with writing the instruction manual on how to brew traditional coffee, we’re taking the next steps to bring it to the future. Through our research, we have developed a new way to automate the traditional coffee brewing process to produce a high level of traditional coffee consistently and reliably.

Singapore coffee is part of our national heritage and accounts for more than 70% of the coffee consumed locally. We believe automation will play an important part in scaling production and keeping Singapore’s heritage of hand-brewed coffee alive.

Our Training

We’re doing our part to preserve Singapore’s coffee heritage. As the only local coffee roastery with a training facility for traditional coffee, we’re sharing our knowledge and passing on what we know to future coffee masters. But beyond this, our facility also equips baristas and roasters with the skills and techniques they need to know to succeed.

Trainees will learn the philosophy and principles behind the science of extraction and how to tune variables like temperature, dosage, bean coarseness and fineness to achieve the results they desire.

Our Training

Our Partners

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