EEOC recordkeeping needs: see Summary of Selected Recordkeeping Obligations in 29 C.F.R. ShareAble for Hires delivers reports in a timely, accurate and personalized fashion that provides outcomes to employers within a couple of minutes. Part 1602 at You want a quick turnaround when screening your job applicants.

Whether arrest and conviction records act as an automatic bar to each of employment: see Reentry Myth Buster: About Hiring/Criminal Records Guidance at We help you create a quicker decision to employees in your own pace, and maintain your best candidates going through your hiring process. Background on the EEOC for small companies: see Get the Facts Series: Small Business Information, How long that the pre-employment background check process takes may vary, but once the applicant accepts your screening petition and passes identity verification then your reports are sent immediately.

FTC. And you don’t must sacrifice accuracy for speed. To discover more about federal laws concerning history reports, visit, or telephone the FTC toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Our criminal record background checks are dependable, as our enhanced fitting logic is endorsed by TransUnion, a trusted leader in the consumer reporting agency industry with over 40 decades of expertise.

For specific information on employment history reports, see: The best criminal history checks combine ease of use, ease to start, cost-effectiveness, dependable high-quality data and comprehensive reports delivered within an easy-to-read format that makes it possible to select great employees. Convenient to use: Our self-service, online solution is available to you anytime you want to screen, which enables you to start conducting employee background checks fast. Hunt any name or telephone number to find social media profiles, criminal records, contact info and more! Employers don’t need to run an onsite inspection and get credentialed to "pull" reports for employment screening purposes because ShareAble for Hires’ innovative technology enables job candidates to "push" their data to an employer via TransUnion. Get contact information, relationship profiles, and personal details. Simple to begin: The process is a simple process. Background reports on any person.

You create your own account online in only minutes. Reasons To Run A Background Check Using A Public Record Directory. To initiate the history screening process, all you will need is the applicant’s email address to encourage them to screen. Stay informed and discover up-to-date contact info, possessed properties, licenses, criminal history, arrest records, marriage records, and more! Once completed, your applicant’s criminal history background reports are delivered to you immediately.

Personal Safety. Fits your budget: Our pricing is simple with numerous packages you may choose from to run criminal history checks. Protect yourself, your loved ones, pets, and property by searching the public records of your neighbors and acquaintances. This ‘s why we overlook ‘t need signup fees to get started.

Financial Protection. Unlike other background check companies, we don’t charge upfront fees before you’re able to use our services. Are you currently planning to start a business or share a bank account with someone?

Assess their full financial history . And our pricing features "pay-per-use," which means you pay only for if you want to use our pre-employment background check report service. Your home is where you let your guard down and spend time with loved ones. Reports that comply with pertinent laws: We upgrade our solution to ensure that we comply with the latest regulations that govern consumer reporting agencies. Rest assured knowing your area is free of criminals. This way you can be confident you are using a background check service that is compliant and dependable. Kiwi Searches was featured on. Total picture of your applicant: Our thorough employment criminal background checks help to take the worry from your final selection.

What can I find on Kiwi Searches? This ‘s why people get millions of records to provide pre-employment criminal record background checks that help small businesses identify applicants with an applicable criminal past. Success Stories.

Our innovative technology enables us to hunt quickly through 370 million national and state criminal records that gives you information on felonies and misdemeanor background checks from local and state jurisdictions. "Kiwi Searches helped me reconnect with friends who’ve relocated from New York once I moved in my area here in Boynton Beach, Florida. Irrespective of the size of your organization, we could help manage the danger of making this critically important decision. My son had bought me a background check subscription for my moving gift, which was a beautiful gesture as I’ve managed to find where old friends are currently living nearby.

We utilize innovative filters and best practices with our innovative pre-employment background check solutions.Below is a picture of what our background check for pre-employment shows: Susan, one of the women I used to play cards with every week, lives just five minutes away. Sweeping look of this candidate’s criminal history through national and state databases such as felony and misdemeanor records Many wanted databases National Sex Offender Public Registry Credit bureau-strength document fitting that delivers more accurate results Detailed results delivered quickly.